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devoid 【形】欠いている、全くない 【同】deficient, lacking, empty, short・The tiger was totally dev.

【発音】divɔ́id【カナ】ディヴォイドゥ – アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索.

Synonyms for devoid in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for devoid. 21 synonyms for devoid: lacking in, without, free from, wanting in, sans, bereft of, empty of, deficient in, denuded of, barren of, barren, destitute, empty.

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Definition of devoid in the dictionary. Meaning of devoid. What does devoid mean? Information and translations of devoid in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on.

Another word for devoid: lacking in, without, free from, wanting in, sans | Collins English Thesaurus

Antonyms for devoid include filled, flush, fraught, full, replete, rife, complete, packed, stacked and stuffed. Find more opposite words at!

devoid of 《be ~》~を持っていない、~を欠いている – アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English devoid de‧void / dɪˈvɔɪd / adjective formal → be devoid of something Examples from the Corpus devoid • The place is small, starkly lit and devoid of decorative embellishments. • Other than the dark, waxed limousine, the space was devoid of furniture. • Even the marriage itself was.

devoid of 《be ~》~を持っていない、~を欠いている – アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。

devoid of 《be ~》~を持っていない、~を欠いている – アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。